AJAX – AngularJS

Ajax is used for creating asynchronous web applications that get and store data from server without postbacks. In AngularJS $http object is used for get and post data from the server. $http use asynchronous techniques for interacting with server. A $http object returns a Promise object. A promise object represent …

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WCF Hello World Example

WCF is very popular platform for developing services. In this blog, we’ll create a very basic and simple example of WCF service in just 6┬ásteps. Steps are: Declare ServiceContract Declare DataContract Implement Service Configure Service Host Service Access Client Declare ServiceContract Create a new blank Console solution and name the …

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Forms – AngularJS

AngularJS provides great way to create Forms which submit their data without postback. AngularJS Forms use two directives: ng-model: The ng-model directives is used for binding input controls to Javascript Objects. ng-submit: Bind AngularJS Controller submit function to submit event of HTML Form. It also prevents the form to submit …

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