WCF Architecture

WCF provides a runtime environment for developing distributed services that are interoperable, secure, and reliable. A service is a reusable unit of functionality that performs a particular task. A WCF Service exposes Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) file contains the available functionality and the communication methods supported by the service. …

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WCF Hello World Example

WCF is very popular platform for developing services. In this blog, we’ll create a very basic and simple example of WCF service in just 6┬ásteps. Steps are: Declare ServiceContract Declare DataContract Implement Service Configure Service Host Service Access Client Declare ServiceContract Create a new blank Console solution and name the …

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WCF Instance Management

WCF Instance management is a set of techniques to decide whether create a new service instance on each client request or use existing service instance that handles client request. Advantages of WCF Instance Management The biggest advantage of instance management is the use of WCF sessions. With the use of …

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