LINQ Overview

Welcome to LINQ Tutorials. LINQ provides an uniform and powerful SQL like query language in C#/VB.NET to query different data sources. In the tutorial, we will learn all to basics and advanced LINQ language and how to use it your own projects with some live examples. We will go step by …

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LINQ Introduction

LINQ is an acronym for Language Integrated Query. LINQ is introduced in .NET 3.5. Before LINQ, developers need to use different languages for retrieving and saving different data sources. For example if you want to retrieve data from SQL or Oracle database you must learn some basics of SQL query language, …

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LINQ Basics

Before we start learning LINQ language, we must learn some basic knowledge of most used concepts in LINQ. Sequence A sequence is any collection object that implements the IEnumerable<> interface. LINQ queries only works with the sequences. In the above example, List<string> has implement the IEnumerable interface and countries is the …

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LINQ Query Operators

LINQ provides more than 50 query operators for different functionalities. Every query operator is an extension method. These operators can be categorized into following one: Operator Category LINQ Query Operators Names Filtering Where, OfType Sorting OrderBy, OrderByDescending, ThenBy, ThenByDescending Set Except, Intersect, Union, Distinct Quantifier All, Any, Contains Projection Select, …

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LINQ Where Filtering Operator

LINQ where operator comes in Filtering operators category. Here is a list of all LINQ Operators. Where operator filter the list based on some given criteria. Where operator is an extension method which accept a Func delegate as a parameter. Func accept only a single argument element. An element is passed …

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LINQ OfType Filtering Operator

OfType comes in Filtering operator category. Here is list of all Query Operators. LINQ OfType operator filter the objects from a collection based on Types. In a collection, we have multiple elements of different Types and we have to select only those objects from the collection that are of specific Type. C# Example of OfType …

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LINQ OrderBy Operator

LINQ OrderBy operator comes first in LINQ Sorting Operators. OrderBy operator sort the sequence (collection) based on particular property in ascending order. We can use OrderBy operator both in Query Syntax and Method Syntax. Below is the syntax of OrderBy operator. As shown in the above syntax, this operator take …

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