These posts are step-by-step Rhino Mocks tutorial. It introduces Rhino Mocks first what is Rhino Mocks and how to simply use it and then go into the more advanced techniques to use it.

Environment Setup - Rhino Mocks Tutorial

Rhino Mocks is very easy to setup. There is only one single DLL "Rhino.Mocks.DLL" needs to be included. There are two options to include Rhino Mocks in your solution. Direct download from hibernatingrhinos site. Use NuGet to download DLL. Setup solution using Direct download We can directly download "Rhino.Mocks.DLL" from https://www.hibernatingrhinos.com/oss/rhino-mocks ...

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Rhino Mocks Tutorial

Rhino Mocks is the mature dynamic mocking framework for .NET unit testing. It create fake/mock implementation of objects behavior at runtime. Rhino Mocks is open source framework and released under the BSD license. Rhino Mocks works on Arrange, Act and Assert (AAA) pattern. Rhino Mocks allows both State verification and Behavior verification of objects. Rhino Mocks can not mock static an...

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