Python Script to Optimise Images and upload to FTP server

Below is the python script to optimize PNG images files using OPTIPNG library and upload compressed images in FTP folder. If you don't have OPTIPNG library, download from this url: http://optipng.sourceforge.net/ import ftplib import os username = 'username1' pwd = 'pwd1' localdirpath = "/home/username/Documents/screenshots/" files = os.listdir(localdirpath) ftp = ftplib.FTP...

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ASP.NET Core Introduction

ASP.NET Core is a open source framework to develop web applications on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. It provides framwork to build cloud-enabled web applications and web API services. It is a lighweight framework that provides high-performance. In Techempower Benchmark, asp.net core comes in 36 position. It comes before NodeJS framework which comes in 172 position. https://...

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